Ignite & Empower Membership 

Connecting a community of entrepreneurs in order to collaborate and learn techniques to grow their business. 

Entrepreneurship does not need to be lonely! Introducing speakers, connection partners, and collaboration networking events to close that gap.  

Need the Statistics?

  • 85% of positions are filled due to networking (Hubspot)
  • 61% of professionals agree that there are opportunities found through online communication (LinkedIn)
  • 35% of LinkedIn users get job offers from casual conversation on the platform 

What's Included in the Membership? 

  • Tangible tools, education, and networking opportunities 
  • Discounted mastermind events 
  • Additional free exclusive resources 

Ready to take the leap and grow your business?

Join the Membership

Public Directory & Speaking 

Share your business information to make it easiest for potential clients and customers to find you


Attend 1 educational workshop each month to teach you tools to grow your business and 1 virtual networking event to broaden your connections. 

Your Personal Coach

You will be assigned to one of our empowerment coaches so you can get accountability, strategy sessions, and support in your business. 

Affiliate Program 

Bring in other people you may know into the community and get 25% commission every month the business is a member 

Manage Business Relationships & Payments

Receive or make payments directly through your ShapeConnect portal and store and manage any client or vendor agreements in one central hub

Company Visibility & Customer Matching 

Increase visibility and new opportunities for your company. Create your company profile page to showcase your company and make new business connections 

Business Vendor Matching & Cost Savings 

Match with business services and technologies for your company's specific needs and budget. ShapeConnect will source business solutions based on your preferences 

Flexible Access to Strategic Business Advisors 

Start working free with dedicated business and technology advisors to develop strategies and reduce your workload