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Who said entrepreneurship had to be lonely?

We are on a mission to bring back the magic of in-person chemistry and help women breakthrough their business plateaus with amazing guest speakers, exercises and Q&A sessions.

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Meet Jessica!

Jessica is the founder & organizer behind this mission.

She had this vision to share her message with like-minded women who feel lonely in their business, looking for a tribe of ladies that understand them, and develop a platform for others to speak and share their message. 

She took the risk to put together something that was not developed but there was an opportunity here.  

Jessica's expertise in human connection and business strategy, the events are unlike any other!

Her mission in life is to help women find their fire, find their #GIRLGANG and explode their business! #IgniteandEmpower 

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Don't just take our word for it!

Here's what the amazing women who have attended are events have said.


Here's what to expect at our events

At each event we:

  • Get into a high-vibe state with visualization and goal setting techniques
  • Discuss triggers/blocks that keep you from hitting goals and success (perfectionism, fear of failing/rejection, imposter syndrome, not feeling worth it, pre-judgement).
  • Go over a game plan/habits that you can then apply to your day to day lifestyle after discovering your breakthrough.
  • Special Surprises!!
  • Q&A & Networking
  • Branding Photos
  • Guest experts! 


Want to be included in our community?

Listen, we know how intimidating it is going somewhere where you don't know anyone

...but the second you step out of your comfort zone, that's where you truly transform who you are. Let's grow, shall we?

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